The FIFA World Cup in Bangladesh kicks off on Monday with a match against the Netherlands. Although the initial opponent is relatively easy, where is the recent performance of Bangladesh in the cricket top 20? However, captain Shakib Al Hasan stated that his team will do something in this World Cup that Bangladesh has never done before.

Bangladesh played the T20 World Cup for the first time in 2007. The red and green jerseys who lost to the Caribbean in this event never saw the face of victory in Super Twelve at this stage. It is difficult to expect much from Bangladesh with such statistics. However, even though the past experience of the T20 World Cup has not been pleasant, the Bangladesh captain is confident in his abilities. At the pre-match press conference on Sunday, captain Shakib Al-Hassan said: “This is a format that we have never done well. I believe that we have the opportunity to do something at this World Cup that we have not done at any World Cup before.

Shakib has competed in every world championship since 2007. However, he, along with the team, wanders through the circle of failure. Late in his career, John Shakiba / https://osf .io/zs73v?xex -stream-online-free-today